Feb 24th Intuitive Energy Update

Feb 24, 2021


In this week’s episode learn about the energies for the week of February 24th through March 3rd the Divine Portal.  Also learn a process you can use to activate more of your divine self.

Energies we talk about this week are:

💫Communication kerfuffles

💫Letting go and even taking time to mourn what no longer serves you

💫New Layers and levels of self love and self worth

💫Getting to practice seeing everyone as the Divine Expressing it’s self (no matter what is actually going on) 

💫Having to hold a higher vibration even in the face of something not awesome

💫New self materializing / coming into form

💫Clearing out strands and being a different energy so the strands don’t affect you the same way

Plus get a 💫 quick process for embodying the divine and seeing it in everyone else too! 

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