April New Beginnings! 5 Energies To Work With For Fresh Starts

Mar 28, 2022


April is a significant month with the once-in-a-lifetime energies  helping you create big new beginnings. But these new beginnings require you to release in very big ways so that the new can be ushered in and replenish you.

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Energy themes for this month are:

✨ New beginnings that aren’t quite here
✨ A lot clearing out…
✨ Clearly seeing unconscious loops
✨ Visionary inspiration changing how you perceive reality
✨ Doing things differently, connecting with more truth and trust

And as always at the end we’ll have tips and takeaways and journal questions to ask yourself so be sure to stay till the end.

Here’s some affirmations to support you for April: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cbq2fnug0FO/

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